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Vue.ai announces new AI powered models to generate inclusive ad creatives through Meta’s Creative Shop

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vue.ai, the retail vertical of AI startup Mad Street Den, announces its partnership with Meta to generate automated and inclusive ad creatives using AI-powered models for brands using Meta’s creative services.

There has been an increasing demand for fashion brands to be more inclusive while showcasing their products. However, shooting outfits on multiple models is a time-consuming and expensive process.

Vue.ai enables brands to feature their outfits on a diverse range of AI-generated across body types, sizes, and complexions. A single outfit can be draped on a wide range of models from sizes 4-20 with the help of Vue.ai’s patented technology – VueModel, which enhances and diversifies the shopping experience for customers worldwide. These features are packed into a single dashboard and have proven to be faster than traditional photoshoots.

The AI networks are taught to recreate the garment’s characteristics and comprehend how it will fit on a person’s body, taking into account the postures and height variations of the models. These AI networks are also honed to comprehend the subtleties of clothing fitting on the human body using sophisticated machine learning algorithms already in place. Customers across the globe have consistently reduced time to go-live on their websites, cost of creative production and increased conversions with the help of VueModel.

For instance, Lane Crawford, the Asian designer retail company, implemented Vue.ai’s technology through various advertising formats on Meta platforms and saw a 33% increase in their return on ad spending (ROAS), 55% higher Click-through rates(CTR) and 28% decrease in cost per action (CPA), thereby significantly boosting their business.

Another example is Showpo, an Australian fashion retailer, who has already implemented a trial run to test an inclusive advertising campaign to show more diversity to their customers using Vue.ai’s models, with a plan to roll out the feature to their site and more if the campaigns end up being successful.

AI technology can help us automate our on-model product photography process in a cost-efficient and scalable way while ensuring we can embrace diversity thanks to the diverse library of Vue.ai models,” said Jane Lu, the founder of Showpo.

“Vue.ai  is very pleased to partner with Meta’s Creative Shop and participating brands to make size and ethnicity-inclusive presentation of garments a reality. Although AI-based image generation for fashion has long been a compelling use case,  convincing garment-on-model imagery requires a level  of fidelity to the product and high resolution that has been beyond reach. We are proud that Vuemodel has proven to provide excellent customer response while  providing cost savings, convenience, and inclusivity to brands.” said Costa Colbert, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Vue.ai.

About Mad Street Den

Mad Street Den is an Enterprise AI company with a mission to make businesses and teams AI-native by driving top-down and bottom-up change in AI adoption. Vue.ai is Mad Street Den’s proprietary AI stack for retail businesses to provide them with Computer Vision & NLP-led solutions that solve problems ranging from data unification & structuring to prediction & personalization as well as workflow and process automation.

With a combination of ready-to-use APIs, no-code, and low-code tools, Vue.ai enables marketing, product, sales, and technology teams to bring an order of magnitude improvement to lead generation, churn reduction, revenue growth, cost efficiency, and more. Blox.ai is currently deployed across several industries, including Retail (under the brand name Vue.ai), healthcare, finance, media and entertainment, education, and more. Retailers across the globe trust our AI stack as their revenue growth driver and cost-saving engine. They use the suite to personalize and curate the customer experience while enabling end-to-end retail automation across site merchandising, product, eCommerce & marketing operations.

Mad Street Den is backed by leading investors such as Avatar Growth Capital, Sequoia Capital and Alpha Wave Global (formerly known as Falcon Edge Capital) and works with some of the largest conglomerates across every geography.

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