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Weekly Horoscope, 10-June to 16-June-2024: Explore our weekly horoscope and navigate the week ahead with confidence

Your career graph to go up gradually this week and if you put in more efforts to improve your relations with coworkers, the growth will be even faster. If you are in business, you may have to adjust your sails according to the wind on the business front. Planets may help you strengthen your financial status this week. But, impact of Saturn may cause problems in the first few days of this week. During this week, new, meaningful and interesting relationships will get formed but you need to make sure that you don’t meddle in the affairs. Your positive frame of mind should help to avert any problems during this week and hence your progress in studies will be good. Your health may remain good this week. However, hectic work schedules and over-work may make you ignore your health, or you are likely to devote less time to your fitness.

Mercury will help you to resolve some pending issues and likely to make you able to bring growth in your profession. Here you must try to maintain cordial relations with your co-workers and your business associates. Gradually during the latter part of this week, you will be able to manage your work more efficiently and may also climb up the ladder of success. Planets may help you to attain all the goodness and your financial status may become stronger. You are likely to enjoy some wonderful moments with your beloved ones. Mars will also help you to keep your spirits high and your positivity is likely to bring happiness in your love life. Your mental strength and level of concentration would be better and hence you will be able to perform well in your studies. You are likely to feel fresh as the energy level during this week may remain good. Though there will not be any major issues, it will be better for you to avoid outside food this week.

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

This week is a going to be progressive for your career. If you are doing business, growth opportunities will be pursuing you. Make sure to have clear road map. Under the influence of Mars, do not take decisions in haste. Things may look little tight at financial front but it will be good to pay more attention to long-term investments and savings rather than any short term gains. The impact of North Node indicates that some unfulfilled desires, dissatisfaction and expectations may surface and may lead to a bad temper resulting in small quarrels in your relationship. Sensible and mature approach may help you to restore normalcy in your love life. Some wrong move can disrupt your progress in studies. By the end of this week, you may see yourself better placed and hence there will be ease and comfort as well. The favourable impact of Jupiter could boost your immune system. However, this period also looks injury prone hence you are advised not to take any physical risk.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

This could be a very hectic period for you and you are likely doing some multi-tasking regarding career matters. You will have to work for extended hours to complete the task. If you are in business, Mercury will help you to grasp complicated matters and situations to understand the problematic equations will help you to march forward amid problems and carry out the business plans. Planetary situations during the beginning of this week may not be helpful for your financial future. In other words, your financial activities demand more efforts to accomplish your undertakings. Venus will remain favourable for your love life. If you are not in committed relationship, it is quite possible that you may develop strong attraction and attachment for someone. This week can be a very good period for academic growth. Students of all courses will have no problem in excelling in their studies. North Node indicates chances of minor physical indisposition are foreseen and sometimes your vitality and spirits will be on the lower side.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Under the influence of Mercury, extra care should be taken in making important decisions regarding your career. The period till the mid of week will be a period to watch carefully. The effect of planets will largely remain positive for you during the latter part of this week if you are in business. You will face some difficulties at financial front at the start of the week. You will also witness a few hurdles in your financial planning. Your associates will show required support, which will help resolve issues and make the financial status stronger gradually. In the beginning of this week, things won’t be going too well in your love life. It might be worth considering all the pros and cons before taking any vital decisions regarding any relationship matter. Also, Saturn will demand you to work hard and make the best out of every opportunity that you get in your education. At the beginning of the week, more attention should be paid to proper nutrition. Take ample rest and keep yourself positive and optimistic to be fit and fine this time around.

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Jupiter will make you able to achieve some important milestones in your career this week. If you are in business, it will be beginning of a new chapter of growth and gain. You need to remain cautious till midweek while forging any new investments. You are likely to make good money from around the midweek. Also, Venus indicates that till the midweek, period will be somewhat complex phase for your love life. You will require to handle your relations tactfully with cool head. There may be some obstacles to face in your education in the beginning of this week. Gradually, your intelligence and hard work will help you to do well in studies and examination as the week progresses. Planetary forces will mostly remain in your favour this week and hence your health may remain in good shape.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Mercury may bring some good opportunities for progress but a cool, calm and composed approach will be required to manage your work. The middle part of this week will be favourable for your career matters. Creativity and innovation may take center stage and eventually lead you to success. The financial situation looks satisfactory this week and there would also be some chances of financial gains during the first half of this week but Mars may bring somewhat complex combination mostly during the later part. Mars may also bring some problems in your personal life during this week. There may be conflicts over some trivial issues. Or you may be charged of not spending enough time with your mate, or with family members. You are likely to face some challenges in your education in the beginning of this week. But you may require hard and sustained efforts to get desired success. In the beginning of this week, your energy levels may get disturbed and you may have a lack of appetite; this may result in weakness.

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

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The impact of Jupiter and Mercury will remain favorable and it will give you some good opportunities for growth. But if you are doing business, some teething problems may bother you around the midweek due to the complex energy of South Node. However, you can expect some improvement in the later part of week. You need to have all monetary transactions under strict accounting, otherwise the funds will run out faster than you plan. The week will remain important for any new relationship. Focus on the ones that promise stability as this will help you maintain a balance and harmony in your love life. Some difficulties may raise the stress levels and affecting your health adversely. From around the midweek, your health will improve. This can be a progressive phase for your studies and to learn new things.

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

The week may begin with some challenging times at the career front due to the impact of South Node. You may have much better planetary support during the latter part of this week and hence conditions may begin to improve and your performance and productivity may also bring positive results by the end of this week. There will be increased materialistic gains during this week. The influence of planets would bring happiness in your life. Your financial status may become stronger. If you are in committed relationship, relationship with your mate will be tentative and even small conflicts are likely to blow up significantly, indicates Mars. This week will be good to get knowledge in order to expand the horizon. The later part of this week seems somewhat complex and here your confidence and discipline shall act as a key to attain positive results. This week can be much more favourable for your health. However, you must not become careless.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Jupiter this week will encourage you to focus on your career growth. Success in your career should be your driving force now. Your skills development will help your career development. If you are in business, reengineer yourself to work with others as a team. It is time to expand your horizon now. The beginning of this week will be somewhat tricky hence do not disclose every detail of your finance to people around you. Mercury indicates that there will be some confusing situations so be straightforward about your feelings and hopes at the beginning of the week. There will be enough intensity going on in your love life as the week advances. During this week, your health can be a concern for you. Don’t ignore this as it is important to find out the root cause though nothing serious is foreseen during this phase. You may not find the going smooth now and may have to struggle more before getting desired results in studies. However, you may gradually acquire the strength to manage the pressure situations.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Mars indicates the perfect time to really make a statement at your work place and in your business too. It is going to be great days till the midweek, although you will have to keep patience during the latter half of this week. Venus will give an upward push to your finances. Some pending financial issues may also get resolved. But you need to be aware of the importance of sharing and avoid overwhelming others with your possessive attitude. The latter half of this week could heavily test our commitment to love. You will be very much clear about how to proceed at this time with the choice or direction in your studies. Also, more importantly, your luck and destiny are going to support you with full strength. Saturn will force you to improve your habits during this week. If you have been having problems with your health recently, now you will be able to recover fast.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

The impact of Jupiter may help you to consolidate your position amid some stiff challenges. However, you cannot expect smooth sailing as some complicated issues may keep bothering you. Planets are positioned well enough here to support your efforts if you are doing business. Mercury will make you able to make some smart financial decisions. It will be the time to take decisions based on solid planning and consideration of all the aspects. This can be a very important phase for your love and relationship matters. If you are in relationship, the week can be a make-or-break period for you as the impact of Mars will be felt significantly now. You will have excellent health and likely to have strong energy levels as well. You will also have good chances to put in determined and focused efforts and excel in your studies.


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