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Weekly Money Horoscope from June 9 to June 15, 2024 – Times of India


You will start to see some financial progress after a while of hard work this week. With the growth of funds, you should be careful with this incoming money and investments instead of taking a lot of risks. Financial tasks that are risky are not a good idea this week. Be extra careful with your money and prefer saving it for the future.


When it comes to money, you might be feeling content and grateful this week. Predictions suggest that you might have gotten back some of the money you put into investments in the past, and you want to tell other people about them. As long as your bills are paid, you can share the wealth. Believe in charity, whatever you give, comes back to you in abundance.

Your chances of making money in the future take a positive turn this week. There are strong signs that you will soon be given or assigned a big job at work that will pay off. More signs point to the fact that it might also lead to more money and financial growth. Be careful with your money and focus on earning it this week instead of spending it away.


In terms of money, it is a great week for you because you are sure to get some great cash benefits. Many of you would benefit from spending money to take a lesson or a workshop that will help you improve your skills. Think about what you can do in the present moment to make more money in the long run.


You will be glad to hear about the good news about money because recent problems in the business and money world have made you feel down. Use these good changes to your benefit. Keep up with this positive change this week and maintain it by working towards saving and investing in the right places instead of trivial spending.


This week, you are running at the risk of potentially losing money. You should make sure you have enough money saved to pay your bills if these problems surface. This week, focus on saving more and be ready for upcoming expenditure in the near future instead of spending it.


Financial gains are directly linked to how hard you work. This week brings financial fortune, you will be very rich. People who work for businesses will find that their hard work pays off with an efficiency bonus. This week, promoting will help you make a lot more money from selling your goods and services.


Overall, the financial picture for this week is good, with no big losses and some small gains. You need to think about how to improve this position right now so that future financial setbacks don’t wipe out the gains you have made. Concentrate on saving more and reducing your expenditure as of now.


Working hard is the only way to get rich and grow financially. Take care of the people who lent you the money and keep your relationship with them positive this week. Do not try to get out of doing what you need to do this week. When you get rid of your debt, your savings will go through the roof.


Some of you might think you’re having a hard time with money this week. You might not know how to get out of a tight financial situation, and you might even feel bad about how things are presently. This week might bring financial challenges, so be careful with your finances and wealth and make sure you make mindful decisions.


This week is a great time to think about the many different options available to you for increasing your earnings. You should think about the ways in which you could make additional money on the side by utilizing your talents and free time. Maybe about beginning a business that you run from the comfort of your own home, or a way to monetize your hobbies.


Your responsibilities in terms of finance will be a significant burden on your shoulders this week. Avoid letting your concerns about money get you down. The money will be delivered to you later in the week from sources that you did not expect receiving it from.

This article is written by, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Astro Numerologist, Life & Relationship Coach, Energy Healer, Music Therapist, Healing Number & Universe Symbols Researcher, and Founder, NumroVani