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Why Australia’s top donor drives 200km every fortnight to give blood

Geoff Blogg has been faithfully rolling up his sleeve for 57 years. 

He drives 200 kilometres every fortnight to give blood and has become Australia’s top donor with 854 donations. 

“It’s become a bit competitive,” Mr Blogg says. 

“I enjoy being number one, but that’s not the reason I give blood.

He says top spot is just a bonus.

“I’m there to donate blood because it’s needed,” he says.

Red Cross Lifeblood is desperately seeking more donors because people are cancelling appointments with illness. 

Rebecca Ind from Lifeblood on the Sunshine Coast says the need is urgent. 

“We have the perfect storm for a potential blood donor shortage as we start winter,” she says.  

Rebecca Ind, right, with Geoff Blogg at the 2018 Queen’s Baton Relay.()

People with blood types A and O are most needed, and each donation can save up to three lives. 

“Winter is always a challenging time because a lot of our regular donors become sick with colds and flus and are unable to donate while they’re unwell,” Ms Ind says.

“You also see an increase in demand for blood products in hospitals to help those patients going through treatment for cancer or leukaemia and various other conditions.” 

Most donations

Mr Blogg relishes being the country’s top donor, and is keenly aware of another donor in South Australia who has just cracked 850 donations.