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Wrong kind of track: Escaped racehorse shocks commuters on Sydney train platform

An unmarked police car arrived at the station at 12.07am. Minutes later, a man appeared and haltered the horse, which was loaded into a blue transport truck bound for its stables.

“From time to time, we do find animals on tracks, particularly cows,” chief executive of Sydney Trains Matt Longland said.

“This particular one though was a little bit unusual, a horse on a suburban platform, and actually while the train was stopping at the station. It’s a wonder the horse didn’t try and board the train to be honest.”

The horse escaped from the stables of Annabel Neasham Racing, which are next to the station. Longland said the runaway horse may have been attracted by the station’s bright lights.

“Thankfully, we were able to warn our train drivers to look out for animals on the tracks,” he said. “We were able to catch the horse not long after that.

“The good news is that the horse was captured, and obviously healthy and unharmed.”

Racing NSW chief steward Steve Railton has spoken to Neasham about the incident.

“Trainer Annabel Neasham told stewards that an unknown person released three racehorses and a stable pony from one of her stables on Friday night,” Railton said.

“One of the racehorses left the vicinity of the stable complex, while the others were captured. She immediately became aware that the horse was loose and contacted local police.”

Neasham has been contacted for comment.

Transport Minister Jo Haylen thanked transport staff for aiding the quick capture of the horse and praised the 400-kilogram animal for its relatively good behaviour.

“At least it stood behind the yellow line,” Haylen said.

With Chris Roots

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