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Your horoscope for Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Your horoscope for Tuesday, July 09, 2024


March 21-April 20


The Leo Moon gives you the courage to follow leads you’ve been a little tentative about — leads relating to your heart.


April 21-May 21


Shows of fanciness and style inspired by the Elvis Leo Moon, leave you unimpressed. Substance is what moves you.


May 22-June 21


Your path seems to be surprisingly clear. The past is not weighing you down and the future isn’t hoodwinking you.


June 22-July 23


No matter the fireworks being set off by the Leo Moon, the Sun and Venus remain in Cancer, holding you true.


July 24-Aug 23


The Moon and Mercury are giving you the sense that all is possible. Trust your feelings, not your thoughts.


Aug 24-Sep 23


Mercury in Leo is pushing you from the inside to extend your reach. Be less precious and more playful.


Sep 24-Oct 23


The weight of history is in your hands. Know what to value and what to let go of. Deeper feelings will pop illusions.


Oct 24-Nov 22


It’s near about time to say your piece. At the very least write down your thoughts or begin to prepare your speech.


Nov 23-Dec 21


If seriousness is holding too much sway, keep your ears and eyes peeled for those voices capable of breaking the ice.


Dec 22-Jan 20


As long as you honour the energy of Venus, the goddess of love, you will prosper. Thwart her at your own risk.


Jan 21-Feb 19


Pluto is helping you integrate even your darkest moods. Neptune is helping broaden your vision to make this happen.


Feb 20-March 20


Saturn is holding you strong, as your illusions begin to fall away. It’s time to discover that reality is better than dreams.

The flavour of the day:

Nurture and protect the tiny buds of fresh beginnings.

Your birthday message:

As you soak up all the love coming your way, small creative shifts happen effortlessly on the career front.

Key: ★★ Challenging ★★★ Encouraging ★★★★ Excellent