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Your horoscope for Tuesday, May 21, 2024


March 21-April 20


The Libran Moon is making you balance your interests against the interests of others. Reinforce your friendships.


April 21-May 21


It would appear that it is your willingness to change that will lead to bounty. Dragging your feet is not an option.


May 22-June 21


You are almost on centre stage, but not quite. Calm your nerves. Focus on your body. It will keep you grounded.


June 22-July 23


The Moon is in Libra, spicing up your social calendar, when all you really want to do is be at home and stay warm.


July 24-Aug 23


More than anything, you’d like to chat. There don’t appear to be many folks in the mood. Let the world come to you.


Aug 24-Sep 23


Our bodies hold the golden keys to our feelings. Take the time to tune into all your varied sensations. Listen and learn.


Sep 24-Oct 23


The Moon is in Libra, making you feel sensitive. You know you have to slow down, as others want you to speed up.


Oct 24-Nov 22


The clarity the asteroid Pallas Athena is giving you shows you where to put your energy and where to take a break.


Nov 23-Dec 21


Jupiter is on the eastern horizon at dawn. Generosity, capacity and growth are all in your aura. Give to the ones you love.


Dec 22-Jan 20


Chiron is not letting you forget for a minute that you are on a healing journey. Bounty means nothing without a full heart.


Jan 21-Feb 19


Your journey of renewal is on for young and old. Hold your vision close to your heart. Slip out of old patterns quickly.


Feb 20-March 20


As much as you would like to stay home and stay safe, the world at large is calling loudly. It’s adventure time!

The flavour of the day:

Show your colours for all to see. Shine proudly.

Your birthday message:

Don’t be afraid of the light shining in your direction. Soak it up. It will show you qualities within you’ve never seen.

Key: ★★ Challenging ★★★ Encouraging ★★★★ Excellent