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Your horoscope for Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Your horoscope for Wednesday, July 10, 2024


March 21-April 20


The emotional power of the Cancerian Sun is keeping you close to home. Use this time to think about how you see the world.


April 21-May 21


Your small will, represented by Mars, is being held in check. However, the larger will of life itself is engineering change.


May 22-June 21


Mercury’s journey through Leo is giving you the courage you need to hop on the road train of opportunity set up by Jupiter.


June 22-July 23


Venus is heading towards the more mystical end of Cancer. Your capacity for love is expanding beyond its normal horizons.


July 24-Aug 23


Mercury is lighting up the way ahead. Your long-range plans are taking form. Look way past your present situation.


Aug 24-Sep 23


The Moon is in Virgo. She is reinforcing all that is lovely about being an earth sign: sensuality, feeling natural, and being practical.


Sep 24-Oct 23


The Black Moon/Lilith is opening up deeper currents of self. You are keen to bring them into the theatre of relationship.


Oct 24-Nov 22


Pluto in Aquarius is lifting your eyes out of the intensity of your inner world and opening them up to broader, brighter possibilities.


Nov 23-Dec 21


Jupiter in Gemini is making you a whole lot more flirty than usual. You are as surprised as everyone else in your circle.


Dec 22-Jan 20


Saturn in Pisces is inviting you to mix your intuition with your normal hard-nosed pragmatism. Find elegant practical solutions.


Jan 21-Feb 19


Pluto and Uranus are co-conspiring to engineer freedom and regeneration. Powerful winds are driving you onwards.


Feb 20-March 20


It appears life is taking you through some kind of a birth, or rebirth. Some things are bigger than we are. Go with it.

The flavour of the day:

Connection between people has the potential to breed depth. Be prepared to let go and grow.

Your birthday message:

The Virgo Moon is an invitation to spend time in nature. Enjoy the intensity of the day. Your emotions are a mighty rolling river.

Key: ★★ Challenging ★★★ Encouraging ★★★★ Excellent