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Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here

Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend Is Here

What’s happening: Tonight, the Moon is in Cancer, and fiery Mars forms a supportive sextile with stable Saturn. Late on Saturday night, the Moon enters flashy Leo, while Venus forms a tough square aspect to Chiron, the asteroid of inner wounds.

Tough conversations are happening this weekend, but Venus’ gentle connection with Uranus, the planet of surprises, on Monday indicates that things will get better—especially because Mercury is connecting with optimistic Jupiter at the same time. The Sun harmonizes with Saturn on Wednesday. On Thursday, Venus connects with dreamy Neptune, then right after, it moves into Leo!

What that means for *you*:


Here’s the good news: Venus in Leo at the end of the week activates your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, which is exactly as amazing as it sounds. But here’s the bad news: You have to get through the weekend first. On Saturday, Venus squares off with Chiron, the asteroid of deep, emotional wounds. You may run into an ex. You and your partner may have to confront a deep insecurity of yours. You might even break up with your partner (if this happens, though, it’s because it needs to). No matter what happens, remember that things will be looking up soon!


Mars in your sign is cranking up your sex drive, but unfortunately, it looks like you’re not getting a ton of action this weekend. But the astro for the rest of the week is great for connecting with others—both in and out of bed. For single Tauruses, this is a great time to put yourself out there and make some new connections. If you’re taken, Venus’ connection with Uranus at the top of the week encourages you to try new things with your partner, both in and out of bed. Thursday’s astro is very romantic, and Venus’ movement into Leo later in the day indicates that you’re not satisfied with superficial hookups. Now, you want something real.


All of this Cancer astro-weather makes you feel like life is moving at a snail’s pace. You’re not getting too much action this weekend, and you’re probably feeling pretty bored. Monday’s astro is great for making new connections, thanks to your ruling planet Mercury mingling with optimistic Jupiter in your sign. Venus entering Leo at the end of the week is your sneak peek at Leo season. You’re always busy, but it’s not because of work or anything like that—you’re just spending all your time talking to people, hanging out with others, and having a good time!


Venus squares off with Chiron this week, and you’re definitely feeling it. Chiron represents inner wounds, and you’re experiencing a lot of emotions about your love life right now. You’re hyper-aware of your insecurities and overthinking your relationship. You may even have to deal with a shitty ex. This isn’t an easy time, but look at it this way: Chiron is a lancet piercing open a wound in order for it to drain and heal. After a real doozy of a weekend, there’s some positive astro with Venus. Tell your people that you love them. If you’re interested in someone, ask them out. This astro encourages romance.


Venus, the planet of love, has been floating through Cancer for the past few weeks. Cancer occupies your chart’s “blind spot,” so new love has been hard to come by, sex has been meh (or not happening at all), and exes are contacting you out of the blue. But I have good news! Venus enters your sign at the end of the week, which brings a huge change to your love life. You’re embodying those Venus themes of love, beauty, and luxury. People can’t keep their eyes off of you, and you’re extra charismatic, too. Sex is better, and romance feels more meaningful. Have fun!


You love a routine, Virgo. And TBH, you kind of hate surprises. But here’s the thing—that mindset can be a one-way ticket towards a boring relationship. This weekend, introduce something/someone new to your life in the bedroom. Whether that means buying some toys, getting kinky with your boo, or just being more spontaneous is up to you. The astro-weather later this week is still encouraging you to try new things, but in a way that isn’t necessarily sexual. Go somewhere new for date night or take a spontaneous trip somewhere. I have bad news, though. Venus entering Leo at the end of the week activates your chart’s “blind spot,” so you’re not going to get a ton of action for the next few weeks.


Attention, single Libras! This weekend’s Leo Moon is helping you shine bright and meet new people. However, asteroid Chiron is throwing a wrench in the works if you’re in a relationship. You and your partner aren’t on the same page about your future, and you might enter crisis mode. Try to stay calm, because this can be an opportunity to put everything on the table, talk about your relationship, and find common ground. Maybe it was all just a misunderstanding! If you and your partner really aren’t on the same page, you might decide to end the relationship. If that’s the case, I know it hurts, but there’s a glimmer of hope at the end of the week. Venus entering Leo is an amazing transit for single Libras, so finding a rebound will be very easy.


Things are getting HOT! Mars sextile Saturn is making your weekend extra horny. Your libido is sky-high and so is your stamina, so you’re 1) having more sex and 2) having sex that feels even better and lasts much longer. Saturn and Mars are making you feel more dominant, and the connection between Venus and Uranus on Monday has kinky potential, so if you’ve been fantasizing about tying your partner up, this is the best time to try it out! The astro at the end of the week is much more romantic, and commitment is on your mind.


This weekend’s astro is stressful. You’re noticing feeling insecure and maybe a little anxious. Are you good enough for your partner/date? Are they good enough for you? Wait, they’re not texting you back fast enough—did they lose interest? Or maybe you’re feeling hesitant to talk to them, because you don’t want to get too close. How can you solve this problem? By talking about it. Whether they’re a FWB, someone you just started seeing, or a long-term partner, communication is key. Monday’s astro encourages you to think optimistically, and you have the opportunity to talk it all out. Then, Venus enters Leo at the end of the week and turns your love life into an adventure.


Good news: tonight’s astro boosts your confidence and your sex drive, Uranus’s influence on Monday encourages you to spice up your sex life, and Neptune’s influence on Thursday helps you let your walls down so you can experience deep, romantic connections. However, there’s some trouble on Saturday. The Moon in dramatic Leo activates one of your chart’s most emotional zones, and asteroid Chiron’s influence is bringing some of your deepest feelings to the surface. Something or someone is bringing up bad memories from past relationships. It hurts, but this is an opportunity to find a solution. Don’t let a disagreement with your partner snowball into a fight. Don’t get back in touch your ex. Instead, focus on what you’ve learned—you’ll be moving forward again soon!


The Leo Moon activates your chart’s relationships zone this weekend. It’s much easier for you to get a date, and you’re loving every second you spend with your partner. Jupiter activates your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun on Monday, encouraging growth and newness in your love life—both in and out of the bedroom! If you’re single, you’re getting plenty of time to mingle soon, because Venus enters your chart’s relationships zone at the end of the week. Enjoy!


Mars and Saturn are giving you a nice boost of confidence this weekend, so going out and finding someone fun to fool around with will be a breeze. With Saturn being lit up by fiery Mars tonight, it’s also a great time to get kinky and experiment with bondage or try out a more dominant role in bed. You can find a lot of success in your love life this week if you’re able to act self-assured. Confidence is very attractive, and you’ll have people lining up to have some fun with you!

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Jake Register (better known by his Instagram handle, @jakesastrology) is a Libra and the author of Cosmopolitan’s weekly Sexoscopes. He lives in southeastern North Carolina and loves making astrology content. Follow his IG or Twitter @jakesastrology, and to book a reading, go to Jakesastrology.as.me.