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Your Valentine’s Horoscope Knows How Your Date Night Will Go

Your V-Day Horoscope Knows How Date Night Will GoGetty/Margie Rischiotto

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Valentine’s Day—our yearly opportunity to celebrate the sweeter things in life—arrives stronger than it has for quite some time! In 2023, the stars will be conspiring in your favor. Specifically, the two most positive planets in the sky, Venus and Jupiter, will be commanding the support of their planetary peers to bring a positive vibe to this year’s celebrations.

Venus, planet of pleasure, is currently swimming in the skies of Pisces, its favorite place in the entire sky, which is already a positive omen. However, its current meet-up with Neptune, the planet of dreams and romance, hasn’t occurred on or near Valentine’s Day since 2010! When Venus and Neptune get together, your romantic and compassionate side is awakened. We are all craving connection and closeness in our relationships right now, even more than usual.

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Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, is currently in fiery Aries and reporting to Mars, the planet of sex. Jupiter’s magnanimous lust for life will be activated by the Moon in Sagittarius, instigating feelings of happiness, optimism, and sexual appeal. Hot!

Astrologically speaking, this is the perfect day to open your heart and fully express what’s in it—just know that whatever you say now will be remembered. Today, the Sun will be sitting next to Saturn, bringing long-term energy to our words, promises, and actions.

Read your Valentine’s Day horoscope:


With the Moon in Sagittarius activating Jupiter in your sign, you’re feeling feisty, Aries! If looking to meet someone new, attending a concert or social event could be ideal. If you’re already taken, the vibe between you and your darling might be “too hot to handle” in public. Staying in could deepen your bond—allow that fire of yours to really burn!


You’re one of the luckiest signs this Valentine’s Day, Taurus! If you’re single and ready to mingle, you could meet someone when attending a group outing or event. If you’re already spoken for, having an artsy date night—like going to an art gallery or a concert—with your darling will feel like being transported to a vintage Hollywood romance. Dress accordingly!


Regardless of your relationship status, you’ll most likely be out tonight, as the stars are conspiring to see you strut your stuff! Anything involving dancing—clubbing, taking a class, or even making up your own choreo at home—makes for the perfect date night. If you’re currently flying solo, an acquaintance or colleague might try to cozy up to you thanks to boisterous Jupiter magnifying your charisma in social environments.


It looks like “work hard, play hard” will be your MO this V-Day, Cancer! Your work life and social lives are both beaming with activity, meaning that this might not be the time to celebrate at home. If you’ve been dating someone for a while, the stars are conspiring for you to make long-term promises to each other.


Take a risk, Leo! Both Venus and Jupiter are blessing your relationships now, asking you to trust in the power of love. If you’re looking for new connections, try going somewhere totally new and you could connect with someone from a different walk of life than your own. If you’re already taken, today’s astrology could inspire you to get serious by making a promise that brings your relationship to a milestone!


For you, Virgo, home is where the heart is this Valentine’s Day. The Moon will be inspiring you to stay in and enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal with your partner. If you’re single, the vibe is perfect for having a few friends over for a movie night. After all, besides being a celebration of love, Valentine’s Day is also a celebration of friendship.


Get ready, Libra, because with the Moon activating your communication sector, a lot of information is on the verge of being revealed! If committed, your conversations will lead to closeness, promises, and some seriously hot moments. If single, a friend or colleague could disclose their love for you!


You are in luck this Valentine’s Day, Scorpio. If you’re spoken for, the Moon opposing Mars, your planetary ruler, will create some serious sexual tension that can only be channeled in one place… the bedroom. If you’re single and ready to mingle, your sex appeal will be pronounced wherever you go, so don’t be afraid of taking numbers and sharing yours.


You might not make it out of the house this V-Day, Sagittarius. Pleasure planet Venus graces your home sector, inspiring you to host a candlelit dinner for your darling. If you’re not committed, have a couple of friends over to chill and listen to music. You’ll share some sweet moments with your favorite pals.


Open your heart, Capricorn. You tend to be on the serious side, but this year, lover Venus is asking you to express yourself in all your splendor. Go ahead and tell your partner how much you love them, with either a song or a love letter. If you’re looking for love, this energy is perfect for refreshing your dating app profile, or making a new one.


Big commitment energy is now surrounding you, Aquarius. With the bright Sun cozying up to serious Saturn in your sign, a close bond could be elevated from friendship to something more. If you’ve been dating someone for a while, taking things to the next level is absolutely possible under the current romantic vibes. Congrats!


You’re incredibly lucky this Valentine’s Day, Pisces. The Venus-Neptune meet-up is what legendary romance is made of, and it happens in your sign! If you’re single, getting out there will ensure all eyes are on you. If you’re taken, harness this sweet-as-pie energy by treating your darling to a romantic dinner (bonus points if it’s by a fireplace).

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