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Your Weekly Horoscope for July 7-13: Finding Your Medicine

Your Weekly Horoscope for July 7-13: Finding Your Medicine

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It’s a week of healing and finding sacred boundaries, honoring your self-authority and prioritizing your happiness. Your weekly horoscope reminds you that creativity, love, play, joy, and pleasure are medicine.

Weekly Astrology for July 7-13

July 7 | Moon enters Leo
July 9 | Moon enters Virgo
July 10 | Sun trine Saturn
July 11 | Venus enters Leo; Venus opposes Pluto
July 12 | Moon enters Libra

Sun Trine Saturn

Saturn in Pisces recently began its backward spin. As we acclimate and tune into the invitations available, the Sun in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces form what is called a trine aspect on July 10, 2024, these two celestial bodies open a direct line of communication.

In astrology, the Sun is our identity, consciousness, and selfhood. Saturn is our planet of boundaries and commitment, integrity, and building. As the Sun and Saturn retrograde connect, we begin to dance with the vast offerings of Saturn retrograde.

Throughout the trine, it is a time to build boundaries around ourselves and our energy. As we lean further into our own integrity and what matters to us, we rewrite our relationship with authority, structure, and trust. It’s the kind of healing that requires our attention and our willingness to offer more love to ourselves. We also find the willingness to play our part and contribute to the life that we desire to build.

Venus Enters Leo

Venus enters Leo on July 11, 2024, where she will make herself known through the expressive fire sign. Venus is love. Venus is beauty. Venus is harmony, balance, and values. Leo is the heart. It is self-expression, radiance, generous, warm, and creative.

As Venus and Leo come together in our cosmos, they remind us that the heart is a portal of love, connection, play, healing, expression, creativity, courage, and beauty. We are here to love and be loved in all forms, and this week, our capacity for love expands. The weekly horoscope asks us to consider how we allow ourselves to share and receive love, our capacity to express what is within us, and our ability to radiate what is unique and singular about us.

Venus Oppose Pluto

When Venus enters Leo, it will form a direct opposition with Pluto in Aquarius. Here, the heart will become a portal for healing of our underworld—the wounds beneath the surface and the patterns and memories that exist within our unconscious.

Through the creativity and self-expression on offer, we can traverse the parts of us that have yet to receive our love so that we can evolve and express our truest selves. The energy will build throughout the week, peak on July 11, 2024, and wane before the end of the week.

Weekly Horoscope for July 7-13

As the Sun trines Saturn this week, we deepen our relationship with self-authority and sacred boundaries. As Venus enters Leo, we cultivate more creativity, pleasure, and self-expression. And as Venus opposes Pluto, we explore the depths of our underworld, bringing nurturance to those spaces that have been neglected, unloved, and waiting for acceptance.

If tension and hurt arise, this is your doorway to healing. If unconscious patterns come to the surface, this reflects your capacity to be with what is yours. Look to your weekly horoscope for your rising sign to discern specific shifts and invitations.

Aries Rising

It’s a week that invites you to come back to yourself and your own atmosphere, frequency, and desires. You are transforming patterns around fear of being seen and taking up space as well as dimming yourself to align with collective ideals. Explore what brings you pleasure, inspires creativity, and helps you accept and embrace who you are.

Taurus Rising

You’re tending to the foundations of who you are and the memories, experiences, ideas, and perspectives that form that foundation. Your roots ensure the health of your entire reality. Come home to your own space as you bring happiness to your days. Then observe what begins to change.

Gemini Rising

Bring your awareness to what is beautiful, harmonious, pleasurable, and inspiring. Let these take up more space in your mind. Let them transform the way you see the world and the depth of life that is available. This alone is your invitation for the week.

Cancer Rising

As the Sun continues in your sign, there is nurturance being poured into your selfhood and your weekly horoscope. Bring yourself deeper into your body and the tangible realm, building spaces of safety for yourself and your emotions, and you’ll experience even more vitality.

Leo Rising

More creativity, inspiration, and vitality are desiring to move through you. More of your underworld, unconscious, and shadow is also becoming available. Feel their presence in your being. Can you open yourself to this? Let it awaken and heal you. As Venus enters your sign, also let more love more into and through you.

Virgo Rising

This week invites you to surrender, allow, and receive. How can you deepen your capacity to receive the support of life? The beauty of life? The healing of planetary movements? How can you offer yourself greater permission to receive more support, happiness, and love?

Libra Rising

Within you there is treasure, medicine, and magic. Within you exist energies and offerings that are held only by you. This week invites you to begin to open to all that is within you, bring it to the surface, and welcome it into your selfhood.

Scorpio Rising

Who are you called to be? What are your vaster dreams, desires, and visions for your life? Begin to lovingly open to these callings, letting more of their vibe imbue your being. Your weekly horoscope invites deep transformation to the core of your being so that you may step into the next iteration of yourself.

Sagittarius Rising

Let your mind reach wider, see more, and open higher. Let wisdom, teachings, and your experiences transform your beliefs,  perspectives, and who you are. Open a direct line of communication with the universe and allow it reveal insights that will deepen your sense of belonging, transform your mind, and hold you in safety.

Capricorn Rising

Settle into your body this week. There is transformation happening here. There is opening happening here. There is deep rearranging and healing happening here. The more you can be in your body, the more space and energy you can offer this transformation. Embodiment practices, such as yoga, will allow you to enter spaces that support descending deeper into yourself.

Aquarius Rising

How do you love? How do you allow yourself to receive love? This week brings an invitation to begin peeling back any layers between you and intimacy, vulnerability, openness, happiness, and creativity. It’s a week that reminds you that to feel is to be alive. Which of your defenses are ready to lower?

Pisces Rising

Your relationship with intuition, imagination, and spirituality moves through a transformation and rebuilding. At the same time, it invites healing toward your relationship with all things physical and tangible. It invites you to land deeper in your body. It reminds your that living in the tangible isn’t meant to bring you further away from the spiritual realm but rather deeper into it.

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